Join Us In The Fight Against Bullying

We here at Keepers of the Circle Paranormal are against any and all Bullying.

We are offering all schools in New York State and across the nation the opportunity to have us come in and give an anti bulling presentation for staff, and children of all ages. There is no charge for this presentation. Our program is self-supported by the community and Keepers of The Circle Fans and members. We are taking a strong stand against Bullying and together we can stop it in its tracks.


Keepers of The Circle Paranormal is also involved in other community projects including an annual fundraiser for ALS Clean up New York campaign This involves our group going to local cemeteries with trash bags, rakes, trucks. We clean up garbage and do nightly patrols to ensure vandals are kept away.

For more information on how you can help, please reach out to us using the form below!